About Diddibox

Why 'Diddibox'?

We get asked so often where 'Diddibox' came from, it is simply a play on words from one of our favourite sayings 'Good things come in small packages' nothing to do with flowers but Hey Ho, We like it!

Ali started her floral journey at the early age of 12, as a weekend helper for the flower shop next door to her family home. After leaving school Ali studied floristry as part of an apprenticeship for two years. In 2009 Ali took the plunge and 'Diddibox' was born.

Bec started her floral adventure in 2011 after graduating from MMU with a degree in Embroidery & Textiles. Bec has always had a love for flowers and is passionate about using texture and colour within her work. Bec joined Diddibox in 2015.

Thinking outside the box is what we do best.